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Under Dog House//A Little Older, A Little Wiser.

I first discovered this bands on tumblr a few days ago while searching for new music. I stumbled upon their music video for Mrs Jones and holy wow was I hooked! Lets put it this way if you’ve never heard of Under Dog House; imagine what it would be like if Say Anything made love to You Me And Everyone We Know’s A Party For The Grown And Sexy. As if that wasn’t enough on top of that imagine the catchy instrumentation of a few hellogoodbye songs and there you’ll have the bands single off their newest EP Mrs Jones. 

This indie/pop-punk band comes straight out of Dallas Texas, coming strong with their first EP release A Little Older, A Little Wiser. so lets get down to the basics

The EP starts off with my favorite song Mrs Jones, Which is by far my favorite song on this EP. Its catchy, Its got a nice melody, and best of all its fun. I can not explain how much I love this song! The vocals drive through the song reminding me of a mix of Ben Liebsch (YMAEWK) and Max Bemis (Say Anything.) the only fault i can find in this track is the bridge. Its really cool that they do the whole spoken over a softer melody. It works well in this song especially with their singers voice. However, I can not stress enough how much i dislike censoring a bands lyrics.  Im sure Under Dog House has a reason for this but I have to say it disappointed me a little bit.

The second song, Things Could Always Be Worse, keeps the energy flowing. The drums and vocal melodies drive this song and give it a nice upbeat feel that just makes me want to jump around. The Chorus is catchy, and I love the way they lined the vocals with a chorus of “ahhh”s. It really makes Jason’s Vocals shine. This song almost has a power pop feel to it. Which isn’t bad. I’d have to say it’s more of a Fight Fair feel to it. 

The third track Tangled Hair slows things down a little bit. Remember how i said this band reminded me of A Party For The Grown And Sexy? this song has strong remnants of Carolina Heat. I really like that it has a soft intro and verses which lead to a still soft, yet emotion filled chorus. This song has to be my second favorite part of the EP. The almost acoustic instrumentation with soft drumming and softer vocals makes this a unique and enjoyable listen!

The Last and self titled track A Little Older, A Little Wiser is a lot like the rest of the EP in its way that its unique. Rising in with a melodic lead the first five seconds of this song might be a little weird to some but I really enjoyed it. Once the rest of the band kicks in this song really shapes itself to be just as catchy as everything else Under Dog House has put on this EP. The drums make me want to clap, The guitars make me want to move and the chorus line “I am, I am not strong enough to carry this weight” makes me want to get on stage and yell the lyrics right back as their sung to me. Over all this was the best way Under Dog House could close this EP off. 

Conclusion:  This EP is GREAT. Its catchy and I had tons of fun listening to it! If you like Say Anything, You Me And Everyone We Know, hellogoodbye and Fight Fair this EP is something you really wanna check out.

Best Songs:  Mrs Jones, Tangled Hair

Rating: 4.5 While i really enjoyed this EP I couldn’t get past the censored parts on Mrs Jones. It’s still great and VERY much worth checking out! Support this band in anyway you can!